Prior to the first national election day held after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, President Joe Biden urged voters to support democracy, reject candidates who would thwart the outcomes, and show patience while waiting for the results.
Speaking at Washington, D.C.’s Union Station, Biden stated that “it’s believed that there are more than 300 election doubters on the ballot all over America this year.” “The effect this is having on our nation cannot be ignored. It’s destructive, corrosive, and hurtful.
Less than a week remained until election day and five days had passed since a right-wing conspiracy theory enthusiast burst into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home and seriously injured her husband with a hammer.

In his remarks on Wednesday night, Biden claimed that Pelosi’s assailant David DePape employed language similar to those of the rioters on January 6. Without specifically mentioning him, Biden claimed that the previous president’s huge lie that the 2020 election had been rigged had caused the rioters to be “whipped up into a frenzy.” Biden claimed that the untruth was to blame for the recent spike in political violence and voter intimidation.
“These lies told for the sake of power and profit have resulted in this intimidation, this violence against Republicans, Democrats, and nonpartisan officials who are simply doing their jobs. conspiratorial and malicious lies Repeated lies lead to a spiral of rage, hatred, venom, and even violence, according to Biden. “At this time, we must deal with those lies with the truth.”

Biden reminded voters that they can challenge the state of democracy at the polls by citing recent polls that suggest Americans are concerned about it. The future of American democracy will depend on the decisions made today, according to Biden.
The president stated that “we need to start looking out for each other again, viewing ourselves as we the people, not as firmly established enemies.” We have an option in this. Chaos and discord are not unavoidable. Although there has previously been resentment and disagreement in America, we have never abandoned the American experiment, and we cannot do so at this time.

The final results will not be known for some time, Biden again emphasised, because in many states absentee ballots cannot be counted before polls close on Election Day. Conspiracy theories focused heavily on this during the 2020 election, especially since a large number of Democrats cast mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus outbreak. Votes that were cast legitimately, according to far-right election doubters, were fake.
According to Biden, “it takes time to tally all valid ballots in a legal and orderly manner.” In a democracy, informed and active individuals have always been crucial. Citizens now need to exercise patience as well.