Bay Cliff Health Camp returns in-person campers

Bay Cliff Health Camp returns in-person campers

BIG BAY, Mich. (WLUC) – A wonderful summer camp is back in full swing and campers are thrilled.

Bay Cliff Health Camp is for three to 17 children, but this is not your summer camp. In addition to the camp events, it also has accredited doctors who provide care.

The camp lasts for seven weeks in the summer but has declined over the past two years due to COVID-19.

“My favorite part of Bay Cliff is all we have to do,” said Liam Nolan, a former member of the Bay Cliff Health Camp.

These activities include swimming, cycling, board games and other camping activities.

Bay Cliff Health Camp director Clare Lutgen said the camp was unique.

“We are amazing in the sense that our children are experiencing summer camp activities but it is 7 weeks,” Lutgen said. “The goals he sets for the beginning of summer are part of the work we do throughout the summer.”

Lutgen says community support has helped make the camp more comfortable.

“Everything you see, everyone, everything here is a gift from our community,” Lutgen said. This not only shows the generosity of the community, but also their faith in our work and ensures that we continue to provide this service to children free of charge to their families. ”

This was the first year since the outbreak of the plague returned to the human family.

The Martha Process Children’s Operations Officer says I feel good to be back.

“It sounds great. We were so happy to be able to welcome everyone, get paid, and be able to talk to families. It was great the day the visitors came that made everyone happy, hugged, paid and got to know each other and that’s why we came here.”

The camp contains a list of Amazon wishes for donations and other ways to support the camping programs.

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