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Brooke Bailey, a cast member of The Basketball Wives, is mourning the loss of her 25-year-old daughter Kayla. The reality star informed her followers of the tragedy by posting photos of her daughter on Instagram as a tribute.

“Kayla Nicole Bailey, a.k.a. Pretty Black, will always be my baby. It’s not over yet. Bailey said in the collection’s captions, ” “You’ll soon see your mother.

Through her Instagram Stories, Bailey has been sharing the nice sentiments she has received. Alongside those posts, Bailey sent a statement of gratitude for the outpouring of support.

“My darling child is greatly loved by all of you,” she wrote in one of her Instagram Stories. We at my family and I are incredibly appreciative of the love and support we have today.

She said in a later post, “If you had the opportunity of meeting her and becoming friends with her, she has irrevocably touched your life.”

“I appreciate it. Kayla had a significant impact on a lot of lives. She entered the room and demanded respect, affection, and attention, according to a third post.

Bailey wrote, “Our God! Our God, is so Faithful,” as the title of an emotional Instagram post. I had been fasting and praying for days. I figured it was for something else. For this specific period of time in my life, God had been preparing me. But I wasn’t prepared. I’m grateful that he gave me HIS child to raise for 25 years. She requires affection, care, instruction, and consolation. My greatest joy came from her.