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The Arduino development team this week released a new update Arduino Cloud tag updates, filters, flashes and mirrors that support the workflow of the cloud IDE. Tags introduced a new way to filter your Content based on your metadata, templates have been added with new larger templates (supporting different boards; not only Oplà Kit) we’re back to the past.

To see the latest updates released to the Arduino Cloud check out the videos below.

“Arduino Cloud updates are like buses! They all come at the same time. But that only makes it more exciting when we tell you about the latest developments in Arduino’s amazing SaaS system. A Thing in Arduino Cloud is a multi-tasking community.

It’s so easy to make it so easy to ignore everything that Object can do in your project. So if you’re like me, you’re creating new things for projects, functionality, prototypes, experiments and sometimes even just for fun. This can mean that your Cloud account can be overloaded with these tools. And this is where tags come in handy. “

Arduino Cloud

“Tags are the basis for bringing metadata to your Objects. You can add as many tags to an Object as you want, and each one gets its own value. In our example below, we have added a “Location” tag, showing how to filter multiple responses submitted in different locations..

Objects are assigned a Location tag, and assigned values ​​based on their location; For example, New York and Rome. You can now edit columns on your Content page to display your tags, then filter the list using search, based on any of this metadata. “

“There is more exciting news about Arduino Cloud around the corner, but for now give these new products a test and tell us what you think. If you haven’t started with Arduino’s IoT Cloud process yet, you can join it for free by clicking the button below.

To find out more about all the new updates posted to the Arduino Cloud to help improve your workflow jump over to the official Arduino website by following the link below.

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