The business doesn’t make much effort to improve the texting experience between iPhones and Android devices, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, because its users haven’t asked for it.

At Vox Media’s Code Conference in Beverly Hills, California, Cook answered a question from the crowd by saying, “I don’t hear our users asking that we dedicate a lot of effort on that, on this topic.” You should definitely get an iPhone from me.

Less than a month had passed since Google launched its pressure-cooking advertising campaign against Apple before the reaction was provided.

Currently, messages are transmitted and received between iPhones using iMessage, which provides a much better experience than SMS texts, which show up as green bubbles when sent and received between Android smartphones and iPhones. RCS is a communications protocol that Google wants Apple to employ since it has modern features like encryption and is meant to take the place of SMS in the future.

Cook was pressed further, claiming that he couldn’t send videos to his mother because of the limitations of SMS messaging.

Buy your mom an iPhone, Cook said.

Steve Jobs was at the forefront of the privacy movement.

Cook was joined by Laurene Powell Jobs and former Apple head designer Jony Ive to discuss the legacy of Apple’s founder and to make an announcement on a new Steve Jobs archive and upcoming documentary.

According to Cook, Steve Jobs first had the idea for Apple’s current privacy campaign, thus it is not a new commercial goal for Apple.

Steve instilled the value of privacy profoundly into the business during its formative years, according to Cook.

Jobs said in a 2010 speech that users’ consent to the sharing of their data constituted privacy: “Privacy demands that consumers be repeatedly informed in plain English of the terms of their agreements. In the talk that Cook cited, Jobs stated that is what it meant.

Cook’s remarks come at a time when criticism of the company’s privacy drive for being self-serving has risen sharply. This is due to new privacy protections the company has adopted that make it more difficult to measure internet advertising. It is also rumored that Apple aims to expand its advertising business and offer new ad units.

A similar idea was employed in the development of the App Tracking Transparency feature for 2021, which has stirred much controversy in the online advertising industry. The majority of iPhone users choose not to reveal their unique device identification number with applications when invited to do so when their phone first starts up, making it difficult for online advertisers to evaluate the impact of their advertisements.

Companies, like Facebook’s parent corporation Meta, have criticizedanti-competitive the policy as anticompetitive. In February, Meta predicted that it will cost $10 billion this year.

“What we think is that people should control their data and they should make their own decision,” said Cook on Wednesday. People should have the freedom to choose in a way that is genuinely simple and unambiguous. not buried 95 pages deep in a privacy statement.

Cook went on to defend the company’s search marketing by claiming that Apple follows more restrictions than advertisers.

We’ve never argued internet advertising is a bad thing, said Cook. It’s not a smart idea to vacuum up people’s data when they’re not doing so on an informed basis “says the author.

Cook was asked if he thought Apple was a powerful organizationcriticized anti that had stepped in because lawmakers hadn’t passed privacy legislation.

Cook remarked, “We do not seek to act as regulators. All we’re trying to do is give folks the freedom to make their own decisions.