, according to Bloomberg, plans to introduce new 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro tablets soon.
Following the releases of its new iPhone 14, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro in the fall, the launch will provide Apple the opportunity to place even more new products on store shelves ahead of the holiday shopping season.
The strongest quarter for Apple usually occurs in December. Additionally, it might aid in increasing iPad sales, which fell 2% and 14%, respectively, during the most recent quarter and the previous holiday season for Apple.

According to the source, the new iPad will use the M2 chip, which is the most recent technology in the current MacBook Air laptop. According to the rumour, the update will be the first to Apple’s iPad Pro in 1.5 years and should result in a 20% speed increase. However, it’s possible that the tablets won’t have many further new functions, and they might even retain their current design.

Although it’s unclear when it will be released, Bloomberg reported that Apple is also working on a new entry-level tablet with a USB-C port, which can enable speedier charging and data transfers.
There was no quick way to reach an Apple spokesman for comment.