Apple AR Headset

Apple is working on several VR and AR devices, according to a recent report, the Apple AR Headset is expected to launch in early 2023.

The news comes in a report from ET News revealing that Apple plans to launch the device early next year.

Apple is launching an expansion device (XR) early next year. The home appliances industry is starting to develop more XR components. Apple has already started making 2ndgen product after preparing for the release of the 1st gen XR device next year. It is expected that the domestic cooperative environment will grow significantly.

Apple is expected to release the new AR Headset in 2023 followed by their second AR and VR devices in 2024, with a number of different devices growing.

It is expected that Apple’s first XR device will be released as a special product for entertainment and games. The 1st gen product is expected to focus more on testing the need for a metaverse theme to prepare for a better quality as a 2nd gen XR device that will be released soon.

We look forward to learning more about what Apple has developed for its new AR and VR devices. As soon as we know more about the hardware and what it will come with, we will let you know.

Source: ET News, MacRumors

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