About a month ago the GTS 4 Mini was added to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) database. Now Amazon has set up a microsite to deliver the upcoming.

We expect the rest of the Amazfit GT 4 Series to drop in Q3, this year. This was confirmed on the Zepp Health phone call of May 2022. The speaker mentioned a number of “many” information related to health. Which probably comes with the permission of the next generation of Huami Bio Tracker Optical sensor.

The Amazfit GT 4 series includes GTS 4 and GTR 4. But the only guaranteed addition is the GTS 4 Mini. This is a very small clock and very bright.

FCC records, Amazon lists confirm the existence of the GTS 4 Mini

There was no GTS 3 Mini last year but we did get a GTS 2 Mini for a while. That one came with small dimensions and had no other functions such as storing music. But it came at a very low price which made the device affordable.

FCC records are for the watch with moniker A2176. We know this is a GTS 4 Mini because it does so on the ID page. The only other information that can be identified during filtering is that the watch comes with a 270mAh battery, from the 220mAh battery of the GTS 2 Mini.

But now, Amazon’s list in India has revealed everything you need to know about this device. The GTS 4 Mini comes with a 1.65 inch HD display and all the same features as the lead in 2020. That one has a 1.55 inch display so the new color is a little extra for that number.

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini
Amazfit GTS 4 Mini

In addition you will find 5 waterproof ATMs and built-in support for five satellite installations. These will be combined with montior heart rate, pressure tracker, SpO2 sensor and support over 120 game modes. Some of these are obvious.

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Other skills are monitoring how they sleep and how they breathe at night. The GTS 4 Mini also has a menstrual tracker and PAI health monitor. The future smartphone app will be phased out by PAI Health from the end of this month but Zepp Health will continue to offer these types of measurements.

Smartwatch is available in Mint Blue, Flamingo Pink, Midnight Black, and Moonlight White colors. There is no word on prices or availability in other countries. Zepp Health has laughed at the launch of the device on television, which is why we expect the official to release it soon. Maybe on July 15th.

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