PUBG wallpapers they just released their new map called Deston and there are new weapons, new weapons, and new things coming with it. Now is the perfect time to jump into PUBG as Deston launches new Special Drops every week and more. Here are all the new weapons, armor, and weapons coming with Deston to PUBG.

New Weapons in PUBG Deston

There is two new guns Coming to PUBG is Deston. Unlike the others discussed in this article, these two new guns are available on every PUBG map, not just Deston. The first gun is called O12. It’s just a gun. The O12 excels in mid-to-close range combat because its damage output is high if you can shoot from crazy fire.

The second new weapon coming with Deston in PUBG is MP9 SMG. As the name suggests, the MP9 is a small pistol that works well in the last fight. The interesting part of the MP9 is that it has a built-in Suppressor and Laser Sight.


New Weapons in PUBG Deston

There are a number of new weapons coming to PUBG that are exclusive to the Deston map. First, we have The Ascender. Since Deston is a map filled with several areas with large buildings, Ascender makes getting to the top easy and fun. Ascenders are found on the sides of tall buildings.

The only other weapon for Deston is Utility Parachute. If the Ascender helps players get up from the building faster, the Utility Parachute helps them get down faster. Utility Parachutes can be stolen from high altitudes.

New in PUBG Deston

Some of the things that belong to Deston are: gas station and Security keys. Gas stations can be used to add fuel to your vehicle as you travel through the main map and Security Keys are available throughout the map and are used on security doors that have higher cargo capacity.


New Cars in PUBG Deston

Along with new guns, weapons, and features, there are two new vehicles to enjoy. First, Pillar car it’s here and it’s the fastest climb so far in PUBG. Second, new Airboat it will help you cross low water areas (of which there are many) and you can also cross land.

If you are looking more about PUBG, check out our PUBG page. We’ve covered everything coming to PUBG with the new Deston update.

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