Helpers and organizers was preparing for Roe v. Wade has been turned since the decision of the United States Supreme Court was leaked in early May. But Nadya Okamoto, co-founder of the time management company August, was still disappointed when the decision became official at the end of June.

“One of the things that makes me a big fan of policy and regulation is that it’s always about consistency,” he told TechCrunch. “Reinstating Roe went against many of my beliefs about reform and human progress.”

Activists like Okamoto are now on the front lines of the fight against abortion rights. As a startup founder, Okamoto said he’s ready to use his platform and role to help educate and influence others — and he’s not alone.

Many female founders running health care companies are fighting back as the US moves into a worse place than it was pre-Roe. As of November, 26 countries face abortion bans.

The Roe amendment also paves the way for the erosion of other rights, such as those that provided for interracial and same-sex marriage.

For this reason, TechCrunch did another check, this time with female founders who have taken themselves and their companies to the front of the fight against abortion. Okamoto and some of the others admit that they never thought they would see themselves here; at the same time, it is as if they have been preparing all their lives to fight this war.

“It’s a privilege to have the platform,” Okamoto said. “This opportunity must be reconciled with the use of the platform to do something important.”

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