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In the nearly century-long history of the pageant, a Miss England finalist is the first ever beauty queen to compete without wearing any makeup.
A 20-year-old college student from south London named Melisa Raouf advanced in the semifinals of the contest on Monday by going barefaced. She will now compete for the title in the finals in October.
In an interview with the UK’s Independent newspaper, Raouf remarked, “It means a lot to me as I feel many females of different ages wear makeup because they feel forced to do so.”
“We shouldn’t be forced to wear makeup if we feel comfortable in our own skin. Because of our shortcomings, we are who we are, and this is what makes each person special “. She added.

Raouf claimed that despite having worn cosmetics since a young age, she chose to break convention for the pageant.
“I never thought I was beautiful enough. I opted to compete without makeup since I recently realised that I am gorgeous in my natural skin “She gave an explanation in the interview.
Raouf wrote in a selfie from the competition’s “bare face” phase that she was “embracing flaws and defects” on Instagram in May.
Raouf has been contacted by CNN for more information.


“We added the Bare Face Top Model round in 2019 as most contestants were sending heavily manipulated photographs wearing tonnes of makeup and we wanted to show the actual person behind the cosmetics,” said Angie Beasley, director of Miss England, in a statement to CNN on Friday.
Raouf intends to perform bare-faced once more at the national final in October, according to the organisers.

It’s a pretty bold thing to do when everyone else is wearing cosmetics, but she’s sending out a vital message to young women, so we wish her luck in Miss England, Beasley continued.