Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes no doubt the two best quarterbacks in NFL.

All of them recently lost many of the most highly regarded recipients among the top five in their ranks.

So which QB will have the most responsibility in 2022? Greg Jennings believes it is Mahomes, not an old friend, who has a lot to prove.

“Looking at Aaron Rodgers, I don’t think people give enough credit to his head coach Matt LaFleur,” Jennings said Tuesday on “Speak for Yourself.” “He has improved the game when it comes to what Aaron Rodgers needs around him. He didn’t have a running game, and now he’s one of the best teams in all of football. Now you can put the guys in and play with your machine.”

Does Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes have much to prove?

Does Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes have much to prove?

Greg Jennings explains why Patrick Mahomes, who lost to Tyreek Hill, has more to prove this season than Aaron Rodgers, who lost to Davante Adams and played with a younger receiver.

Jennings asserted that Mahomes’ loss at Tyreek Hill could be even more tragic than the loss of Rodgers and Davante Adams.

“Without Tyreek Hill bringing out Patrick Mahomes – and I say I’m releasing him because, Patrick Mahomes, incredibly talented, obviously, talented – when he wants to play, and his back is on the wall, what does he do?” Jennings said. “He runs, he does what he does best, he comes out of the bag, he looks down the field, and he finds this ‘Cheetah’ running very fast. It may not be so.”

Instead, Rodgers spent more time in his long career without Adams, including six games in the 2019-2020 campaign.

“Davante Adams is the best receiver in the game, he really misses Davante Adams,” said Jennings. “However, we have seen what Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers can do without Davante Adams and what they can rely on.”

In addition to the Packers ‘and Chiefs’ opposition actions, Jennings also spoke of the competition that Mahomes will face. NFC is seen as a weak league, and NFC North is one of the weakest teams in the league. This could mean less pressure on the ruling MVP Rodgers.

“We’ve never seen what it looks like [Mahomes] so we don’t have to stay on Tyreek for too long, “added Jennings.” Let’s see what he has to deal with in his team. Seven in 10 [best] quarterbacks, including Mahomes, are in the AFC. Three of the seven are in his squad, and we can say that Derek Carr could be on the list.

“The road to the Super Bowl is very difficult and difficult when we look at the way Mahomes should go. [face]. “

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