If you’re looking to expand your skills and knowledge but have a limited time in your schedule, an online course could be the perfect solution. An online course can help you develop necessary skills and build on your existing knowledge, all from the comfort of your own home. There are a variety of free courses on sites like YouTube and iTunes U that can be helpful for learners of any age or profession. However, if you want to take your learning to the next level with a structured curriculum and expert instructors, you should consider taking an online course on Udemy. With over 35 million users worldwide, Udemy is one of the leading online learning platforms. Here are 5 reasons why you should take your first online course on Udemy:

You can learn almost anything on Udemy.

While it’s true that you can learn almost anything on Udemy, you should choose a course that is relevant to your interests, skillset, and career path. It’s important to consider your motivation for taking an online course in the first place. If you would like to learn a new skill to add to your resume, an online course on a topic relevant to your profession is likely to have more career-building benefits than an online course on basket weaving. If you would like to learn a new skill that is unrelated to your profession, you can also find plenty of online courses on Udemy. Udemy hosts course on a variety of topics, including arts and crafts, health and wellness, foreign language, coding, and much more. If you’re interested in taking an online course but aren’t sure where to start, Udemy’s course catalogue is a great resource. You can search for topics or keywords that are of interest to you and find online courses related to your field or hobby. You can also browse Udemy’s course catalogue by category to find a variety of online courses in a specific field.

You can find courses on any platform.

One of the great things about Udemy is that you can find online courses on any platform. After signing up for an Udemy account, you can choose to search for courses by computer or smartphone, depending on your preferred device. Whether you’re a Mac or PC user, or prefer to take courses using your smartphone or tablet, Udemy has an option for you. This is great news if you prefer to learn on a specific platform. While some free online course platforms are available on every device, others are only available on one specific platform. This can be frustrating when you would prefer taking your course on a different platform. If you’re taking an online course on Udemy, it doesn’t matter what platform you prefer taking your course on. You can find courses on all devices. If you have a specific device in mind, you can also select your preferred platform when searching for courses.

Online courses are extremely flexible.

One of the most appealing aspects of online courses is their flexibility. The structure and design of online courses allow students to work at their own pace. This means that you can go as fast or as slow as you like, depending on your schedule and skill level. Online courses are also available around the clock and can be taken whenever and wherever you like. Whether you prefer to log on in the morning before work or late at night after the kids are in bed, online courses offer the flexibility needed to fit your schedule. The structure of online courses also allows for easy rescheduling or pausing of your course without having to worry about a penalty. With online courses, you can go at your own pace, repeat sections as many times as you need, and take breaks whenever you like. This is particularly helpful for learners who have more difficult schedules to work around, such as parents or students who have other commitments.

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Udemy offers excellent student support.

Online courses offer a wide range of benefits, but they don’t come without disadvantages. One disadvantage of online courses is the lack of personal interaction with other students and the instructor. Udemy attempts to combat the disadvantages of online courses by providing excellent student support. If you have any questions or concerns with your course, you can access Udemy’s online support centre for students 24/7. You can also communicate with other students in your course through Udemy’s online forums. This can be helpful for networking and asking questions about your course and the topic you’re studying. If you have any questions or concerns about your specific course, you can also contact your course instructor.

You can get a certificate of completion and resume building.

One of the great benefits of taking an online course is the ability to get a certificate of completion. In many cases, your course provider will issue you a certificate after completing your course. This is a great way to showcase your new skills and may help you advance your career. If you’re looking for a new job or would like to add new skills to your resume, an online course can be a great way to boost your credentials. Many online courses on Udemy also offer the opportunity to add course content to your resume. When you log in to your Udemy account, you can access the course information section to add your course title, course instructor, date of completion, and more to your resume. If you’re interested in adding an online course to your resume, you should look for courses that offer the option to add course content to your resume.


Taking your first online course on Udemy is a great way to expand your skills and knowledge. You can find courses on any platform, they are extremely flexible, Udemy offers excellent student support, you can get a certificate of completion, and an online course is also a great way to build your resume. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to take their first online course on Udemy.