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If you’re a daily user of Google Docs, you already know that word processing has gotten better over the past few years. In 2022 especially, Google has added several features that will make your life easier.

So, if you’re one of those users who find it hard to keep up with the latest news, look no further. Here are this year’s updates that you shouldn’t miss:

1. Emoji style

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When words fail (or you’re too lazy to type), Docs lets you reply to messages with a simple emoji, instead of writing a comment.

  • Highlight the word, sentence, or paragraph you want.
  • Click on the emoji icon on the right (below the comment icon).
  • Select an emoji from the list that appears.

Google docs emoji reactions

2. The leafless version

Sometimes you have to leave annoying pages, especially if you want to insert tables or a lot of pictures. You can set your Doc to be pageless so that it runs continuously without page breaks, making it easier to read and print.

  • Go to File and choice Site Setup.
  • At the top of the dialog box, select No leaves.
  • Click Good to confirm.

Google Docs Blank Page

3. Tabel templates

Do you hate creating tables from scratch? I feel your pain. Instead, you can choose one of the four available tables – they don’t provide much information, but the view can be very useful for monitoring work and development progress.

  • Click on Apply > Table > Table examples.
  • Choose between Product Roadmap, Review Tracker, Project Assets, and Launch Content Tracker.

Google Docs Table Templates

4. drop down menu

Drop lists are useful tools for data entry. They provide choice, without creating confusion in the document, and you can use them to choose the shape of a project, answer a question, choose a location – you name it.

Google Docs offers regular and drop-down menus to match any document.

  • Select the location you want to download. You can place them anywhere in the text or inside the table.
  • Click on Apply > Drop down.

Download Google Docs

  • Choose between Prepare to Download to enter Status of Employment or Review the Values menu.

Downloading Google Docs

  • Choose New Download creating a custom list. You can name them, add items, and choose colors for each item. Click Save when you’re done.

Downloading Google Docs

5. Add a summary

Summarizing your document and listing key points will save time and effort.

  • Click on See > Show outline. A text box appears on the left. Click the + sign to start writing your summary. Press Log in to save. To edit at any time, move the cursor over it, and click the Edit Summary icon (pencil).

An overview of Google Docs

Check this out for updates and thank me later!

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